Ozol lāde
Soup of the day  4.00 €
Hot Appetisers
A'la carte
Herring fillet breaded in tempura dough, chilli and nuts served with hot chard salad 6.10 € Rye bread hot sandwich with tuna and cheese served with lettuce salad 4.50 € Hot sandwich with ham and cheese served with lettuce salad 4.50 € Potato pancakes with cranberry jam 3.80 €
Main Courses
Pan-fried fish fillet served with butter-fried vegetables and lemon and lime sauce 12.50 € Chicken fillet stuffed with pear and “Sierstelle” fresh cheese with almond flakes served with oven-cooked rice 9.60 € Pork medallions coated with ham served with vegetable puree and gooseberry chutney 10.60 € Main course from “Ozollade” treasures prepared to serve 7.50 € Butter-fried pasta with avocado, cherry tomatoes and green beans 7.60 € Please not that to serve you a palace-worthy food  it will take for the chef 20-30 minutes
Crunchy layered oats with whipped cream and grated apple 4.20 € Apple “boats” cooked in white wine served with warm vanilla - cinnamon sauce and rye bread ice-cream 4.80 € Pears caramelised in Daugmales Bee John’s honey with ice-cream and berry sauce 4.80 € Chocolate ice-cream with Daugmales Bee John’s honey, roasted hazel nuts and Riga Black Balsam 4.80 € Oven baked banana filled with white and black chocolate served with vanilla ice-cream and berry sauce 4.80 € Dessert of the Day* 3.50 € Pancakes with ice-cream 3.70 € *Served while still available
“Matje” herring appetiser with boiled potatoes, cottage cheese with greens and homemade pickled cucumber 4.90 € Tuna salad with mixed lettuce, quail eggs and lemon - olive oil sauce 5.60 € Sour-sweet chicken salad with mixed lettuce and curry - yoghurt sauce  4.90 €   Goat cheese salad with - seasonal fruit and berry sauce - vegetables and pesto sauce 4.90 €
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