Ozol lāde Snacks menu
Pastry with speck Pastry with Spinach Croissant Pastry Tart Cookie Nut filled with condensated milk Sweet basket Cookies
0.50 Eur/ gab. 0.50  Eur/ gab. 0.65 Eur/ gab. 0.50 Eur/ gab. 0.50 Eur/ gab. 0.45 Eur/ gab. 0.85Eur/ gab. 2.50 Eur/ 100g
*Fruit plate *Cheese plate *Fruit and Cheese plate Vegetable plate with two different sauces
18.00 Eur 22.00 Eur 20.00 Eur 10.00 Eur
PLATES for 10 people
*Tuna – fish canapé *Canapé with salmon tartar  * Mild-cured or smoked salmon canapé *Mini potatoes pancakes with spring onion cream, caviar and quail egg *Lavash roll filled with smoked salmon, false caviar, avocado and fresh cheese *Canapé with herring *Tiger-shrimps with lemon cream *Cookie-basket with shrimps *Cookie-basket with cheese, meat, tuna or smoked fish salad *Sandwiches with smoked pork – chop, sausage or cheese *Mini cutlet with pickled mushroom *Breakfast burger with smoked pork-chop, cheese and vegetables *Fried chicken-liver in bacon with caramelised apple or pear *Delicious speck sandwich with onion marmalade and dried tomato *Canapé with cottage cheese with greens *Mini potato pancake with spring onion cream *Caramelised beetroot sandwich with goats cheese *Cherry tomato snack with goats cheese 
0.65 Eur /gab. 1.20 Eur/gab. 0.85 Eur/ gab. 1.40 Eur /gab. 0.75 Eur/gab. 0.55 Eur/ gab. 1.35 Eur/gab. 1.45 Eur/gab. 1.00 Eur/gab. 0.65 Eur/gab. 0.65 Eur/ gab. 0.90 Eur/ gab. 0.85 Eur/ gab. 1.10 Eur/ gab. 0.45 Eur/gab. 0.75 Eur/ gab. 0,90 Eur/ gab. 0.55 Eur/ gab.
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